Next Wave - 20/09/2019

REM Vesuvius Express

The Rotaract Europe Meeting (REM) is a conference hold twice a year and hosted by a district within the Europe Region.

To aid international exchange, E.R.I.C. – Rotaract Europe holds 2 weekend Rotaract European Meetings (REM) and 1 annual European Conference (EUCO).

The meetings and events allow Rotaractors from all over Europe to come together to exchange ideas and learn about other cultures. They are great fun and a chance to make friends from many different countries.

The general format of a REM includes sightseeing, E.R.I.C. Meeting, a gala dinner and the registration fee includes accommodation.

Let us take you in a journey through Time, Beauty and Taste. Among both the World famous and the hidden pearls of Southern Italy, we will accompany you in places that are not for everyone and have been synonymous of luxury and opulence, glitz and Royal pageantry for some 25 centuries.

You will live a five senses experience that will change your life forever exciting your taste, your sight, your smell, your hearing and your touch,

and leaving you under an everlasting spell and it will be like falling in love forever.


3 nights
(Only for CRs, Assistants & Executive Board)


3 nights all included


2 Nights all included


welcome party, open ceremony, friday dinner, saturday gala dinner


Open ceremony, friday dinner, saturday gala dinner


Saturday gala dinner


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Risorsa 1-100
Risorsa 2-100

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