Rome doesn’t need introduction. If we could try to describe it, we have to start from the history. Rome was founded on April 21st, 735 BC (although, it seems based on recent excavations that Rome was founded 2 centuries before). During its three millennia of history, it was the first metropolis of humanity. The beating heart of one of the most important ancient civilization. Rome is famous for its culture, language, literature, art, architecture, philosophy, religion, law and customs. Its the place where the Latin language was born. It was the capital of the Roman empire which extended its dominion over the entire Mediterranean basin. Subjected to the temporal power of the popes. For these reasons Rome is known in every part of the world as Urbe, Caput Mundi and the Eternal City.

Its historical center, bordered by the perimeter of the Aurelian walls, superimposed with testimonies of almost three millennia. It is an expression of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the Western European world. In 1980, it was inserted in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is the only city in the world to host an entire State, the “Vatican State”. For this reason is also know as the capital of 2 states. Rome is the most populous municipality in Italy and the fourth of the European Union after London, Berlin and Madrid. It is the fifth largest city in Europe after Moscow, Istanbul, London and St. Petersburg. One of the most famous and important Italian actors, Alberto Sordi, said: “Rome is not a city like any other. It is a great museum, a living room to cross on tiptoe”.




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How to reach us

**We offer the possibility to book a taxi from the airport/station to your hotel and from your Hotel to the airport/station (6-10€ to person)**

From Fiumicino (FCO)

26-km south-west of Rome, is the airport for both international and domestic air services. 
Non- stop trains run from Stazione Termini every half hour from about 07.00 to 21.15 and metropolitan trains every 15 minutes from Stazione Roma Tiburtina via Ostienze and Transtevere from about 05.00 to 23.00.
There are also night bus services between Stazione Tiburtina and the airport. 

From Ciampino (CIA)

13-Km south-east of Rome, is a subsidiary airport used mainly for domestic flights and international charter flights. Rome can be reached via Eurostar train and by an efficient railway line that link it with the most important Italian and international cities. 
A network of motorways approaches Rome, including the A1 from northern Italy (Milan, Florence), this joins the busy Rome ring-road (Grande accordo Anulare) at settebagni, from which there are well sign-posted exists to all districts of the city. 
The city is well served by two underground railway system besides the fairly efficient bus and tram services. The climate is temperate, with breezy winters and hot summers.

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